La Biblioteca del Tio Kinke

From around 1998 to 2005 Pedro López-Pintor Díaz-Galiano maintained a Spanish language website called La Biblioteca del Tio Kinke, which curated an enormous range of links to other webpages about windmills.

The author of the site didn't produce much original material, but the links themselves, and their cataloguing were a great resource, often leading to surprising discoveries from a time when finding information on the web was hard.

One of his specialist interests was in the depiction of windmills on postage stamps, for which he did produce original research. This overall philosopy of seeking pictures of windmills was spelt out on the home page:

The are many pages on the Internet that are vaguely concened with windmills. I think that in addition to citing them, they must be shown. So here you will only find links to pages that contain illustrated material about windmills.

There was a single update in 2010, and the site stayed accessible for a number of years after it stopped being actively maintained, but it disappeared in 2014. In a bid to keep some of this resource more easily available, I've put together this page based on data retrieved from the Internet Archive, and my own archives of the site. It aims to provide some top level navigation into pages that are retained in the Internet Archive. I've translated some of the text into English where applicable.

Pages throughout Windmill World used to link to the various country specific pages as appropriate - I have endeavoured to redirect such links to this page.

Windmills on the Internet - Molinos de Viento en la Red

Molino de Campo de Criptana

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100 years of stamps with Windmills

One of the very last items that was put up on the Tio Kinke website was a PDF file by Pedro López-Pintor Díaz-Galiano titled "100 años de sellos con Molinos de Viento", for which there was certainly a version in 2006. I believe this was updated for the next few years, culminating in a final 2011 version. (See the Novedades (News) page from the site).

As a PDF file, this was not actually archived by the Internet Archive. However I'm aware that there are some copies of this on various other sites around the web.

Both of these sites host the same 86 page Revisión β2 30-III-2006 version of the file.

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