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27th January 2005

Oops - well over a year, and I've failed to update this page, even though there have been many updates to the site.

The News page is updated regularly, and I tend to announce significant new pages there, which has made this page somewhat redundant. I'll leave it here since it served as a useful record of when some pages were added to the site.

8th January 2004

There have been a number of updates since July, but I don't seem to have updated this page. Thus this list includes pages that have been available for a while.

New pages:

31st July 2003

A quick update of a mini theme - Windmills attached to casinos.

23rd July 2003

I have considerably reworked the pages dedicated to windmills in each of the English counties, to link data from a lot of sources together.

These sources include:

Other new pages include

... and of course the news pages are updated almost daily.

10th June 2003

New pages: Significant changes: Plus many minor changes.

1st April 2003

A special update for today - a page detailing some improved designs for windmills and watermills that have been proposed over the years.

26th March 2003

I'm grateful to have received a CD of images from Mike Matthews which will be appearing over the coming months. Many of these images are of areas of the country that I had poor or no coverage of - the first results of this are pages on Other new pages

21st March 2003

A error by by hosting provider wiped out my entire site earlier this week, and the restored site was from a historical backup - apologies if you found that pages you expected to find had disappeared for a short while.

This reload should set most of the site back to where it was, with the addition of additional pages as well.

New Pages:

6th March 2003

New pages:

All existing pages were also updated in some way.

22nd January 2003

A new year, and plenty of spring cleaning around the site!

New pages

27th October 2002

New Pages (some were uploaded before, but this page was not updated) Updated - I've not been tracking this...

27th June 2002

New Pages Updated

13th June 2002

New Pages All UK county windmill pages have been overhauled, to make them consistent. UK watermills have been put on their own pages.

26th March 2002

New pages

1st March 2002

New pages Important new links

10th January 2002

New Updates throughout the site

13th September 2001


Loads of updates.

14th July 2001

New Updates - too many to list!

8th May 2001

New Updated

23rd April 2001

New: Updated

31st March 2001

Lots of minor updates, but especially more info on Mills Weekend.

7th March 2001



15th February 2001

Just minor housekeeping changes...

7th February 2001

Added initial details and correct date for National Mills Weekend 2001.

Updated California, Cape Cod, Search, Watermills, England, Wind Energy, Mills for sale, Events, Essex

15th January 2001


16th November 2000

New Updated:

22nd October 2000

Updates to Bibliography, Help wanted, Wind engines, English links, British links, European links, World links, Californian windmills, Lanzarote, Scrapheap Challenge, Hertfordshire, Millstones, Ibstone, Chesterton

28th September 2000

Changed to a locally provided search engine.

27th September 2000


13th September 2000

New Updated:

August 2000

Windmill World first went live in late August 2000.

However between 1995 - 2000 most of the site used to be available at its old location on Geocities.

The site underwent a thorough overhaul when being transferred, and a lot of new material that I had to hand was incorporated as I went along.

Major highlights of the new material are the pages of historical photos by T C Vickers, from the 1940's - 60s.

Other new pages include

[Windmills] [Watermills] [Bookshop] [News] [Site map] :

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