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Watermills in the Francis Frith Collection

Selected watermills

Collection contains: 320 photos in this category. The Full Catalog of Watermills is very graphic intensive.

Allerford,Piles Mill 1931,Somerset Allerford, Piles Mill 1931, Somerset
Andover,the Mill 1913,Hampshire Andover, the Mill 1913, Hampshire
Bexley,The Old Mill c1965,Greater London Bexley, The Old Mill c1965, Greater London
Bodmin,Dunmere Bridge and Mill 1906,Cornwall Bodmin, Dunmere Bridge and Mill 1906, Cornwall
Braemar,Mill on the Cluny 1890,Grampian Braemar, Mill on the Cluny 1890, Grampian
Bromfield,Mill and Church 1892,Shropshire Bromfield, Mill and Church 1892, Shropshire
Carshalton,Mill Wheel Hall c1955,Greater London Carshalton, Mill Wheel Hall c1955, Greater London
Cheddar,Glen Middle Mill 1908,Somerset Cheddar, Glen Middle Mill 1908, Somerset
Cobham,Mill 1919,Surrey Cobham, Mill 1919, Surrey
Cropthorne,Mill 1910,Hereford and Worcester Cropthorne, Mill 1910, Hereford and Worcester
Flatford,the Mill 1907,Suffolk Flatford, the Mill 1907, Suffolk
Flatford,the Mill and Willy Lotts Cottage c1955,Suffolk Flatford, the Mill and Willy Lotts Cottage c1955, Suffolk
Guildford,Stoke Mill c1955,Surrey Guildford, Stoke Mill c1955, Surrey
Hawes,the Mill 1900,Yorkshire Hawes, the Mill 1900, Yorkshire
Houghton,the Mill 1899,Cambridgeshire Houghton, the Mill 1899, Cambridgeshire
Ironbridge,Waterwheel 1892,Shropshire Ironbridge, Waterwheel 1892, Shropshire
Leatherhead,Old Mill 1906,Surrey Leatherhead, Old Mill 1906, Surrey
Lynton,Lynbridge Mill 1900,Devon Lynton, Lynbridge Mill 1900, Devon
Mapledurham,the Mill 1890,Oxfordshire Mapledurham, the Mill 1890, Oxfordshire
Newark,the Mill 1903,Surrey Newark, the Mill 1903, Surrey
Newport,Town Gate Mill 1913,Isle of Wight Newport, Town Gate Mill 1913, Isle of Wight
Rossett,the Mill 1895,Clwyd Rossett, the Mill 1895, Clwyd

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