Surrey windmill photos from the 1940's - 60's

The black and white photos on these pages were taken throughout the 1940's, 50's and 60's by T C Vickers (1903-1973) - an amateur photographer with a passion for windmills. They are presented here thanks to the generosity of the photographer's stepson, William Stratton. Where no explicit year is given, the photos are believed to be from the 1960's.

Where available, I have included a more recent photo of my own of the same mill, though unfortunately a number of the mills illustrated have been destroyed in the subsequent decades.

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Ewhurst, circa 1935
Ockley [collapsed 1944]
Outwood pair Outwood
Outwood [smock mill collapsed, 9th Nov 1960] - 1958 and 1998
Shiremark [burnt down 1972] - c1966
See also the full description of this mill.
Lowfield Heath Lowfield 1998
Lowfield Heath [moved to Charlwood 1989] - unknown date and 1998
Wray Common 1938 wary Common 1998
Wray Common - 1938 and 1998

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