Mills Open

Mills Open 5th Edition 5th Edition - Cover photo Shipley Windmill, West Sussex, by Jim Woodward-Nutt. Mills Open 6th Edition 6th Edition - Cover photo Outwood Windmill, Surrey, by Peter Wright Mills Open 7th Edition 7th Edition - Cover photo Great Bircham, Norfolk, by Mildred Cookson

The SPAB Mills Section has been fighting to preserve mills since 1927.

Mills Open, now in it's seventh edition, lists the result of this fight - around about 450 mills which have been saved, and are open to the public in Britain. This edition includes 35 new entries, and adds web-sites and email contact details for as many entries as possible.

Mills Open, Editor Jim Woodward-Nutt, SPAB Mill Section, ISBN 1 898856 184

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